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52 documents

Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland ICRIR Agreement


The Independent Commission for Reconciliation and Information Recovery has agreed arrangements with the Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland (PONI), to provide independent oversight of the use of police powers by designated Commission officers in Northern Ireland.

Policy and process on designation of officers with the powers of a Police constable


The Commission has published a summary of its approach to designating officers with the powers of a Police constable.

ICRIR Annual Work Plan 2024-25


This is the first work plan for the Independent Commission for Reconciliation and Information Recovery. The plan outlines the activity we will undertake in the financial year 2024-25. There is a broad range of work to finish building the foundations that will ensure that the Commission is operating effectively as an independent organisation rooted in our
values of integrity, impartiality, openness, accountability, and respect. The plan also begins to outline how we anticipate the work of the Commission will progress in future years.

New York Slide-Pack


The Commission’s commitment to obtaining feedback and understanding good practice for human rights means that it has now provided a briefing on its latest proposals to the Assistant Secretary General for Human Rights at the United Nations Office for the Commissioner for Human Rights. This is the start of engagement by the Commission to obtain feedback for best practice in meeting important human rights standards. This document is the slide-pack used during the visit.

Operational Design consultation – what your end-to-end journey may look and feel like


The document explains the Commission’s proposed operating model and the stages for how investigations will be carried out. It highlights the end-to-end journey for a requesting individual or family member, from their perspective.

ICRIR Gifts and Hospitality Register


ICRIR's gifts and hospitality register sets out any gifts and/or hospitality offered to its Commissioners.

ICRIR Register of Interests


ICRIR's register of interests sets out the interests of its Board of Commissioners.

ICRIR Board Meeting Summary 1 March 2024


This note is a summary of ICRIR's Board meeting on 1 March 2024.

ICRIR Board Meeting Summary 15 February 2024


This note is a summary of ICRIR's Board meeting on 15 February 2024.

Operational Design consultation summary and questions


This is a summary of the full consultation document on the Commission's operational design. and lists the questions you can respond to. This consultation is being held to make sure people have the opportunity to input into the Commission's proposed working methods and approach. The consultation will close on 10 May.